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chick paper

  • chick paper regular.
  • chick paper regular.
  • chick paper regular.
chick paper regular.chick paper regular.chick paper regular.

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  • product description: chick paper regular.

better chicks lower mortality

chick paper stimulates the chick to search for food and water. when the chicks walk over the poultry paper, the rustling sound of the poultry paper draws the attention of other chicks. because the chick paper is placed underneath the food and water, the chicks have easy and fast access to their important first needs in the critical first hours. chick paper improves the weight gain in the first 7 days. the poultry paper is 100% biodegradable, therefore it does not need to be removed from the chicken house. after a few days it has completely disappeared.

advantages of poultry paper

better weight gain in the first 7 days

rustling poultry paper leads to better spread of the chicks throughout the chicken house

strongly absorbent

larger uniformity due to a warmer underground

better isolation results in lower mortality rates

biodegradable, less labor-intensive

easy to handle

customized chick paper is also available. also available in sheets. please contact us for more information.