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qingdao zumoi trading co., ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of feeding systems and housing equipment for modern poultry and livestock production since 2016. aim to help farmers having more efficient, economical and environmental-friendly solutions, our products design for easy maintenance, low operation costs and long service life, that includes watering& feeding system of poultry rearing on floor and in battery cages; automatic layer nesting box with egg collecting system, a variety sizes of plastic slat, plastic chicken coops, pp egg conveyor belts, perforated egg belts.

our products export to more than 20 countries across to europe, south america, asia and africa. with strictly abiding by our commitments, credibility, quality and customer service receive the unanimous acclaim.

more details of our products, welcome to search our website or email us for a quotation.

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contact: loise. liu.

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